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Uptime Status

Simple status page for server uptime.


Displays the up indicator of node-exporter from your prometheus for the last 14 days in 6h steps.


Init codebase

git clone
cd uptime-status/
virtualenv -p python3 ENV
cd ..

Create config.cfg with the following contents and edit values for your needs:

PROMETHEUS_QUERY='(sum_over_time(up{job="node-exporter"}[6h]) / count_over_time(up{job="node-exporter"}[6h]))[14d:6h]'

Starten und updaten lässt sich die Flask-App folgendermaßen:

cd uptime-status/
git pull
source ENV/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
UPTIMESTATUS_SETTINGS=/path/to/config.cfg gunicorn uptimestatus:app