343 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
clerie a0406007dd configuration/common: use nix-cache.clerie.de as a substituter 1 week ago
clerie 686c587587 hosts/hydra-1: display help page for nix cache 1 week ago
clerie 8ddfcf6c17 hosts/hydra-1: add nix-cache.clerie.de 2 weeks ago
clerie df4e162a9b hosts/web-2: add tap.clerie.de 3 weeks ago
clerie aef18ccde7 modules/monitoring: fix node exporter interface stats access 4 weeks ago
clerie 273e729eba hosts/carbon: add blackbox exporter 4 weeks ago
clerie be5b1c1baf hosts/monitoring-3: move to blackbox monitoring 4 weeks ago
clerie eefd8af665 hosts/storage-2: add share service 4 weeks ago
clerie 5d0c59504c flake.lock: update nixpkgs 4 weeks ago
clerie 02c05983e6 hosts/hydra-1: pin buildmachine user 1 month ago
clerie 6dc04a8581 replace fetchGit with pkgs.fetchgit 1 month ago
clerie 0b66c298ab configuration/common: add more system packages 1 month ago
clerie ecd2885037 hosts/hydra-1: make ssh key accessible to hydra and pin hydra-2 host key 1 month ago
clerie 139fe5a443 configuration/common: enable auto-optimise-store by default 1 month ago
clerie a48547445a hosts/hydra-1: ping remote builder host key 1 month ago
clerie 63d0f4b42f hosts/hydra-2: remove ssh command, because it doesn't work 1 month ago
clerie fa025a7a65 hosts/hydra-*: enable distributed builds 1 month ago
clerie 701f8bd41f hosts/hydra-2: add host 1 month ago
clerie 4027b812a2 hosts/hydra-1: allow hydra to utilize cache 1 month ago
clerie b93e634a04 flake: restructure host defition and add hosts to hydra 2 months ago
clerie 2a2e7e0d96 configuration/common: add colmena to global packages 2 months ago
clerie 3d48949629 hosts/hydra: add http to restricted mode allow urls 2 months ago
clerie a715d55d96 flake: add packages to flake and add hydra build jobs 2 months ago
clerie f67a810a2b hosts/hydra-1: add hydra service 2 months ago
clerie efe47bacb1 hosts/hydra-1: add new host 2 months ago
clerie 89163d4cf3 pkgs/wetter: rename pkg-config 2 months ago
clerie d39e2b94d8 flake: migrate deploy to flake 2 months ago
clerie e9414209f5 hosts/monitoring-3: alert for hosts that just booted 2 months ago
clerie f99779e963 pkgs/prometheus-xmpp-alerts: upstream version got updated, remove override 2 months ago
clerie 2f91b7cd75 modules/chisel: Create proper module and lock down service 2 months ago
clerie 1d8b007b95 hosts/carbon: Remove from overlay network 2 months ago
clerie 1c15fbecee configuration/common: Enable nix flakes 2 months ago
clerie ce10724700 hosts/osmium: Set custom garbage collector interval 2 months ago
clerie 75f612a857 hosts/porter: Add snowflake 2 months ago
clerie b016e76f09 hosts/porter: Put chisel behind nginx 2 months ago
clerie ac61842f29 configuration/common: Tweak nginx default vhost 2 months ago
clerie 2cd917d56d modules/akne: Fix default value and tweak finished target 2 months ago
clerie 05d7d04052 configuration/common: Define a global default virtual host for nginx 2 months ago
clerie cb8a6c998d modules/akne: Make akne work again and make the module usable 2 months ago
clerie d54c8a6853 gatekeeper: Remove host from overlay network 2 months ago
clerie c456f09dbf nonat: Remove host from overlay network 2 months ago
clerie 9c4672182a porter: Remove node from overlay network 2 months ago
clerie 5a46d7662e gatekeeper: Remove unused firewall rule that blocks all IPv4 DNS traffic as a side effect 2 months ago
clerie 4a9db34696 Retire world-dev 2 months ago
clerie fb1c2cd1e8 Quote deploy command correctly 2 months ago
clerie abd589aa73 Alert for full backup storage 2 months ago
clerie 018b04b798 Update renamed gitea options 3 months ago
clerie cdbe62e788 Alert for hosts that are up for too long 3 months ago
clerie 6d1e848564 Add VPN for evey 3 months ago
clerie 601b5fe8c1 Add ping.clerie.de website 3 months ago