2022-04-24 23:14:49 +02:00

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Install SAMD boards in Arduino IDE
Install Arduino Low Power
Install TemperatureZero
Install libraries from MultiNode/Libraries
Upload MultiNode/MultiNode.ino
Execute MultiNode/ while it is attached


# Install on Raspberry Pi (maybe not)
sudo apt-get install pip nginx
pip install numpy pyLoraRFM9x pyblake2 toml flask waitress (?)
In /etc/nginx/sites-enabled: sudo ln -s ~/multinode/RasPi

C++ programs need to be executed with sudo, or set permissions to use bcm2835 as user

Execute RasPi/

Reconfiguring a node:

Attach it via USB
Press the reset button (left of USB connector)
It will not enter sleep until it is unplugged