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Mitel OMMClient2

Another attempt for a modern client library to the Mitel OM Application XML Interface.


Without any additional dependencies:

pip install "mitel_ommclient2 @ git+"

Add dependencies to enable secret handling, if you need it.

pip install "mitel_ommclient2[crypt] @ git+"


Just some examples to give you an idea what this does.

import mitel_ommclient2

# Connect to your OMM
c = mitel_ommclient2.OMMClient2("omm.local", "admin", "admin")

# Use built in methods for common actions

# Create custom messages
m = mitel_ommclient2.messages.Ping()
m.timeStamp = 2342
r = c.connection.request(m)

Consult class documentation for more in depth examples and options.

Interactive CLI

The package installs a script called ommclient2. This allowes basic interactive testing of the library.

ommclient2 --help


This software is inspired by python-mitel by Thomas and n-st.