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Web based Pixelflut server using node.js and

Inspired by

It's only a bit of fun. His servers are much better ;P


Install node.js and download scripts

sudo apt-get nodejs git
git clone
cd pixelnode/
nodejs index

Open the shown http port in a browser (you can use multiple on multiple machines). Start playing at the shown input port.

Default ports

  • HTTP (for viewing): 61813
  • INPUT (for plaing): 1337

Ports can be changed in index.js


Use PixelNode with the same protocol as Pixelflut:

Currently supported commands

Set pixel PX <x> <y> <color>

Response: PX <x> <y> <color>

Get pixel PX <x> <y>

Response: PX <x> <y> <color>


Response: SIZE <w> <h>


Response: STATS px:<px> conn:<conn>


variable content example description
<w> value defined in index.js 100, 1654 width of display
<h> value defined in index.js 100, 1654 heigth of display
<x> value between 0 and <w> 45, 2 x coordinate
<y> value between 0 and <h> 45, 2 y coordinate
<color> can be a rgb or rgba color fa341b, ba32c9a3 color
<px> 45, 231 pixel change per second
[BETA] <conn> 45, 231 currently connected hosts